Sunday, April 1, 2012

Intestinal health

How to determine the health of the colon keep it healthy.

From the book "Hygiene bowel. The key to live in good health" (BIS Editions)

The immune system constantly waking to eliminate everything that is useless or toxic to the body.
One of its parts more active is the lymphoid system that, especially in lymph nodes, is responsible for finding, capture and to exit the body all the undesirable substances.

All the lymph nodes, which surround the digestive tube, are connected with each other; which clarifies as angina, for example, may be indicative of an overload of all the ganglia which surround the colon, small intestine , the stomach and esophagus.

Numerous studies have shown that anything that weakens the intestinal mucosa (especially alcohol, laxatives, butter, chemical drugs) leads to the shift in the blood of toxins and microbes in the intestinal flora, an intense overtime to the system immune, when not take it anymore, ends up leaving a standstill in the body of substances that should be eliminated and which cause further infection, cancer and MS.

All this shows that, to preserve his immunity, is of paramount importance to maintain good intestinal hygiene!

Many people who suffer from disorders of the immune system, especially with all the ailments that have been grouped under the name of "aids", think that the only way to heal is to take the drugs 'chemical' high toxicity!
I am led to believe that from a large group of doctors indoctrinated by the pharmaceutical industry, which proclaims: "outside of chemistry there is no health."
The logical thing would be to eliminate, if you have low immune function, all that is "immune depressant" namely: processed foods, tobacco, alcohol, coffee (sorry for the Italians! - Ed), products of chemical origin (food and medicines), mental stress and tensions, lack of exercise, clothing made from synthetic fibers, electrical pollution, depression and impairment of their ability, etc.. ...

We must fill his life, moment by moment, of material, emotional, mental and spiritual immunostimulants as healthy food, intestinal hygiene, projects and goals to achieve, emotional control, positive thinking, meditation, exercise a minimum of a life according to nature, etc.. ...
Those who choose to live this way have greatly increased their chances of healing, rediscovering the joy of living!

How to determine the health of the colon?
The x-ray allows us to discover abnormalities: tumors, polyps, diverticulitis, bowel obstruction, etc.. , ..., As well as the "calculations faecal", hardened substances adhering to the sides.
Other methods may provide important information acting from the outside.
For example, iridology is a diagnostic method that consists of an examination of the plot of the iris, one of the locations of the projection of the body together with the sole of the foot, the ears, the colon, etc.. ...
Spots, depressions or other abnormal findings indicate the iris of the eye all'iridologo the various problems of a person's health and its probable bowel problems.
Foot reflexology provides us with other useful information: the body is projected onto the soles of the feet.
If the colon is a problem, the corresponding area on the sole of the foot is sore, when you exert a certain pressure.
The physiognomy studies the shape and color of the face.
A trained therapist can discover, by certain signs, if the patient is suffering from intestinal problems.
According to Irons, there is a very simple way to know if a colon normally works: "In order for our colon is healthy, we must go to the toilet twice a day and have a good consistency of the stool. Every morning we should remove the feces from 5 to 10 cm long., And later with a volume of faeces dropped by half. We should be able to go to the bathroom easily and instantly.
The color of the stools varies slightly, depending on what we ate. Normally, they should be brown. "
It has been ascertained also a relationship between the location of a bowel cancer and some weaknesses of the organism.
For example, a bowel cancer not localized anywhere, but is established in some places that are already weakened, or, if a body is malfunctioning, the reflex point corresponding to this organ in the gut is also more fragile.

Healthy colon and colon footprint
According to Irons, the colon in the West "normal" exist only in the textbooks of anatomy! Because of its function elimination, the colon is always full of debris to remove.
If evacuation is regular and care is taken to clean the colon with some regularity, the debris does not harden and not adhere to the intestinal wall. However, even when it seems that the evacuation will perform well, often in the folds of the intestinal substances remain hard and dry, encrust the colon that end up adhering to its walls. This process sensitizes the mucosa and becomes the cause of inflammation (colitis).
Arnold Ehret believes that we all constantly in the intestines at least two pounds of waste is not eliminated, that poison the blood and the entire body!
He states: "Experts say that in autopsies from 60% to 70% of the dissected colon contain faecal matter as hard as rock and which are decades old."
The debris, which are glued to the walls day after day, can reach five to seven centimeters thick.

What are the causes of bowel obstruction?
The first factor of our intestinal problems resulting from eating "devitalized", refined and too rich in animal products.
The modern diet does not provide the body with the right amount of food "balanced", capable of providing to the intestinal cells of the substances that they need. Furthermore, this diet is inadequate because of hard stools and slowed down the intestinal transit due to lack of plant fibers.
Lack of water dries the stool and refrain from going to the body is a major cause of dryness.
The more I stand still in the colon as they harden, as water is reabsorbed by the body.
Lack of exercise can be the cause of the malfunctioning bowel.
The abdominal exercises promote intestinal transit by acting as an internal massage of the colon.
Bowel movement every day does not necessarily mean that the bowel is clean and in good health, because the faeces can pass through narrow passages due to debris layered and, despite this, they present a normal at the time of evacuation.
According to U.S. statistics, from people who have undergone surgery, about seventy million Americans suffer from bowel problems.
Irons believes that, surely, there are many more people suffering from intestinal problems and trying to heal themselves with laxatives: "Few people have a healthy and normal intestinal transit. This belief is confirmed by the increase in sales of laxatives and other remedies for the gut. "
The accumulation of waste in the colon is the cause of many diseases. The toxins produced by intestinal putrefaction reached nearby organs through the bloodstream, poisoning them and degrade them. We must not surprising, therefore, of the emergence of fatigue, insomnia, nervous and mental disorders, arthritis, menstrual pain, etc.. ...
Not by chance Dextreit Raymond asks: "How many inflammations or infections of the genital organs, are due to the presence of a sewer in mind? We can perhaps hope to heal a metritis, salpingitis, an infection of the prostate, ovarian congestion, when parked so close to the garbage? ".
The importance of hygiene of the colon is not well known and considered, it follows the growing number of disease states that affect it. An impressive number of people each year suffer the partial removal of the colon.
The malfunction of the bowel can lead to heart disease and even cancers.
In this regard, N. Petrakis and E. King, faculty of the University of California, have recently demonstrated that breast cancer can be linked with constipation. They have developed a study that was based on 138 women of all ages.
Almost 25% of women who suffer from constipation (ie going to the body twice a week or less), had abnormal breast cells.
The age difference does not seem to particularly affect.
They have suggested that intestinal bacteria transform certain carcinogenic substances in food, which pass into the blood and can make normal cells cancerous breast. Moreover, these bacteria produce estrogen (female hormone), which can be absorbed mainly in constipated women, stimulating the growth of cancer cells.

The state of the colon has an important role in aging?
Theories on the causes of aging are numerous, as are numerous proposals for care, treatment, methods to delay it.
A diseased colon and intoxicated is a little known cause of premature aging. The toxins invade the body, spreading to the skin, teeth, eyes, nervous system, etc.. , ..., Poisoning several tissues, choked by the cells and thus causing the aging of the whole organism.
Irons said: "Old age begins in the colon! If people want to find the energy and health of youth can do this easily by cleaning your colon and keep it clean. "