Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Compound machines in construction

compound machines in construction. Today the machines are part of everyday life of human beings. Since these do not only refer to the machines used in the construction level, are distinguished tambén coffee machines, lawn mowers, computers, etc. Almost everything around us today is made up of machines. The machines are pieces whether mobile and immobile that can transform energy through the interactions of the same. Using the personan machines can modify the direction and magnitude of applied force X.

There are two types of machine: simple machines and complex machines. Simple machines can be, a lever, cables, wheels, etc.., Which are used to obtain a force greater than that applied by the person. The complex machine that has the simple difference, have an engine that is responsible for either extract energy, electrical, chemical, kinetic, etc.., Into mechanical energy. It also has different mechanisms that convert energy from the engine. Another type of machine is the frame, this ensures the connection between all elements or objects. Has a very rigid structure that supports the mechanisms and the motor. The machines have a safety mechanism to protect the person handling the machine to potential hazards that can cause this. There are also generating machines, unlike those with motor, which transforms the main, these generate it. For these reasons is that machines are known as generators. Of these there is a wide range, some of the best known are the compressors and pumps. The machines can be classified depending on the engine it has, or the energy source that works in: • thermal machines. • hydraulic machines. • electrical machines. Can also be classified depending on the mechanism has: • alternative machines. • Machines reaction. • rotating machines. May also exist machines fixed frame and movable frame, depending on the kind of frame that holds.