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Nutripuntura: acupuncture without needles

Nutripuntura: acupuncture without needles
Given the Western acupuncture, the acupuncture Nutripuntura stands because it does not use needles but electromagnetic information addressed to rebalance an organ (liver, kidneys, lungs) or system (circulatory, immune, etc..). Why and how to help resolve emotional distress, to help food intolerances or allergies, with the anxiety and stress, menopause. The contraindications and side effects ... All this and much more in depth in this article. What is The Nutripuntura is a relatively recent technique and one that may be associated with other methods in the prevention and treatment of many functional changes (both metabolic, neurotransmitter, hormonal, immune) and their consequences for the individual during the psychophysical its evolution. This method was realized in its theoretical basis and the technical aspects by Dr. Patrick Veret and a team of French researchers, in about twenty years of studies and clinical trials on an experimental basis, enriched by the research conducted at the School of Paris Orsay-the emergent properties of complex associations and trace elements in the synthesis of the research done by Georges Lakhovsky oscillation circuits oscillating polymetallic mobile or capable of strengthening the vital potential of some organisms. It is aimed at rebalancing "current life" of the organism and improved cellular metabolic balance and ability to self-regulation. The Nutripuntura finds its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and particularly in acupuncture and represents, in a sense, the version of "Western" and present the same. The Traditional Chinese Medicine considers, for millennia, Man entirely related to the energies of the universe in flux. The man carries "the principle of heaven and earth", ie the dualism of the Yin and Yang. Health to the rhythm of the seasons If the body is half incredibly sophisticated that allows us to act, to move and expand our database of thousands of information, why not take care of regular maintenance, putting at its own pace with those marked by nature? The set-up neuro-hormonal, glandular functions and nutritional needs of each individual change as a function of climatic stimuli that determine the increase or decrease in biological activity of some neurotransmitters, synchronized on the alternation of the seasons, is the ' main objective of Nutripuntura. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, every season stimulates the activity of a pair of allowing the body to adapt smoothly to changes in environment. Autumn calls for the activities of lung and colon, the winter one of the kidneys and bladder, spring the liver and gall bladder, the summer the heart and small intestine, not to mention the fifth season, the late summer, during which the stomach, spleen and pancreas are the most of their activities. If every individual has his weaknesses, constitutional or acquired, these are accentuated preferably during the year in which an already fragile body is stressed by climate change. Thanks to a Nutripuntura specific for each season you can not only support the organ-target organism means a weak point, (an example: in spring it helped the liver and gall bladder) and over time improve the functionality . Many people have gained tremendous benefits by using the Nutripuntura season. After identifying the circuits to be incurred, the therapist recommended nutrients best suited to the person who can make 'sessions Nutripuntura' comfortably at home or at work. In fact the chewable tablets that activate specific points located on meridians of acupuncture. Acupuncture is known as the method is the only "alternative" that has spread even in the realm of conventional medicine having passed numerous criteria according to the scientific method universally accepted internationally. The underlying principles of acupuncture and in particular the Nutripuntura are aimed at rebalancing "current life" of the organism and improved cellular metabolic balance and ability to self-regulation. Intercellular communication in the light of the latest scientific findings can not be explained solely by means of biochemical reactions because these reactions themselves induce significant changes in electrical properties of cell membranes, membrane receptors and consequently variations of electromagnetic fields. Much of modern research is based on the study of these changes through the use of sophisticated electromagnetic techniques "imaging" such as PET (positron emission tomography), SPECT (simple photon emission computed tomography) and fMRI ( Functional magnetic resonance imaging). There have been numerous experiments by the use of functional magnetic resonance stimulating specific acupuncture points and detecting changes in the specific functional images at the level of the various organs and especially the cerebral cortex. Other research has shown that stimulation of specific acupuncture points induce the release of neuromediators particular, endorphins and endogenous morphine-mimetic substances that demonstrate the analgesic effect of acupuncture on the basis of objective and reproducible. The same results are also possible with the use of Nutripuntura that allows you to reduce or eliminate pain in many cases where it represents a reflection of a functional imbalance, through a rebalancing of the current informational. On this basis we can then define the Nutripuntura as "regulation of an electromagnetic system" is not done with needles as in acupuncture, but through special "metals", administered in infinitesimal concentrations, able to transfer specific information capable of electromagnetic stimulate the self-regulating systems, defense capabilities and self-healing. The study of acupuncture points and meridians, which can be defined as a special "electromagnetic channels" that carry electric currents distributed informational in nature within the body and the skin surface and known for many millennia, has allowed the search for different combinations of "trace elements" capable of exerting a specific information in each circuit which supports the cellular balance. The way in which these trace elements are combined to give the properties of these preparations on the adjustment and all of the different meridians of the body cells. 38 nutrients ("Feed") to activate the flow of electromagnetic meridians For all food endocellular was assigned a number (38 in all) to distinguish its action on the various circuits of the body in which information flows electromagnetic governing its "programs". In Nutripuntura the body is conceived as a set consisting of hardware (tissues and genes) and software (programs that are recorded in memory as a function of experience and behavior of each). The Nutripuntura deals only with the software, facilitating the flow of information that trigger the body's vital currents. A revolutionary approach? In a sense, but with very solid foundations: those of the ancient Eastern tradition, which sees the human organism as a network of electromagnetic circuits, the meridians, from whose work we depend for our well being. In fact to activate the majority of cellular reactions, there is no need of metal ions: the breathing, the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, metabolism as a whole, depend on the presence of these substances. Many studies have indeed demonstrated that to the presence of a trace element allows the circulation of information necessary to balance the electromagnetic body, as they would the needles of an acupuncturist. Some trace elements can therefore be considered as "catalysts wave", the presence of which favors the passage of electromagnetic information. In a way, the trace elements that manage the relationship is established between the organism and the environment. Currently, the combination of trace elements used in Nutripuntura are 28 common man and woman 5 female and 5 male with a total of 38 formulations are able to interact with 33 functional systems of the body. These formulations and called Nutri followed by a number of electromagnetic information refer to the action exerted on specific organs. (Nutri No. 11 refers to the liver, Nutri 08 to the central nervous system, etc..). The individual and the environment The research done in Nutripuntura, have focused on biological rhythms and environmental impact on the body, trying to strengthen the sectors, from time to time different, urged by every season. In fact the circulation of the vital currents is related to the oscillation of the body cell, influenced by seasonal rhythm is tuned to the planetary system around it. The information conveyed by the additions used in Nutripuntura (intracellular nutrients) reaching circuits selectively stimulated by the environment, or who already have functional imbalances, increasing the vitality of the body, necessary to balance biorhythms. Their study emphasizes the vital relationship that exists between individual and environment, the constant interplay between interior and exterior that vanishes in a certain way limits the scope of the human body, considering the place where he lives as an integral part of its balance . In Nutripuntura the human body is regarded as an open system in dynamic environment with constant with which it interacts constantly reprogramming its cycles. Recent research on human physiology have shown that environmental factors have a role in metabolic processes, even higher than genetic. In fact it is not possible to assess the personality of an individual's activities without taking into account the world around him and above all the quality and quantity of stimuli that provide. In fact the balance of all life depends largely on the type of context that surrounds it. It is clear that an infant, if isolated and deprived of its essential inductions psychomotor maturation, can not activate the learning process necessary to build its central nervous system. Pulse gustatory, olfactory, tactile, auditory and visual, with an important muscle, thus participating in its evolution: impulses are vital, fundamental to his mental and physical maturation. A human being eats only food but also because of words, music, scents, colors, forms, reports and establishing contact with the environment. The balance of the five senses is therefore a priority in order to receive correct information from the outside world, as the imbalance of one of them may distort the impressions which picks. Sharpen our senses is now possible, thanks to a specific Nutripuntura to use is when there is a momentary imbalance (an olfactory deficit for example), or even beforehand. Furthermore, using a specific nutripuntura for the sense of taste, for example, you will have a positive effect on digestion, on the health of the gums and the attitude of the person who will spontaneously less authoritarian and dominating. Over the years we have developed specific sequences used in the regulation of many functional systems in particular aimed at the improvement of sensory functions (five senses), the optimization of the body schema, the enhancement of metabolic functions and rebalancing its activities and neurotramettitoriali endocrine. The seasonal Nutripuntura supports the vital currents of the body, promoting the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune individual. The result will be a more stable health disorders and a decrease in seasonal cycles that occur each year. How to use the Nutripuntura The originality of Nutripuntura, which distinguishes it from 'Homoeopathy or organotherapy, is in his action that is not addressed to a symptom or a disease, but in favor of the current governing body's health. Stimulating the flow of electromagnetic information of a meridian, at any time can strengthen a sector in need, without having to wait for a warning signal (condition) by the body: it acts preventively, to support cellular life. If the body already manifested a disorder, or has already triggered a pathological process (eg ulcer) the approach remains the same: "feed" the vital currents that have deviated from their natural course, supporting the activities of the electromagnetic circuits weakened. An action which, in this case, joins effectively the action of traditional drugs. Thanks to the synergy of its components, preparations used enhance exchanges and cell communication, essential to mental and physical balance of the individual. In fact, the intracellular nutrients, supporting the circulation of the vital currents of the body, stimulate parallel psychological sphere of the individual and therefore his behavior. Many health workers have in fact observed that harmonizing the vital currents of a functional deficit in the sector, such as the lung meridian, for example, the individual finds himself not only better but also more dynamic respiratory self-confidence and a more tolerant behavior. One can use the Nutripuntura to cope with the most diverse disorders. To support an intellectual overwork (very common during the preparation of examinations), a post-operative stress, a depression, an emotional shock, or during a sensitive period such as adolescence. Many people have overcome the problems of food intolerance due to a specific Nutripuntura that allowed the body to integrate molecular information hitherto rejected as unrecognized by the immune system. In reality, it is to eliminate factors that cause an intolerance, but to resolve the "conflict Molecular" that trigger the body. Modulate their emotions If you want to take over their own health can also start to regulate their emotions, result of a harmonious or unbalanced bodies. One approach that estimate since it allows to detect a signal in the behavior preliminary capable of producing, in the long run, an organic disorder. Going back to the cause of the problem leads to body language. Today, thanks to research done in Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI), no one disputes over the relationship between body, brain and psyche as well as the relationship between behavior and organ function. The study of this report has allowed the researchers to define Nutripuntura precise behavioral profiles, related to the dynamics of psychosomatic meridians, allowing the organs to communicate with each other. A person is egocentric and narcissistic when it presents an imbalance in the meridian-heart, or indecisive and unable to decide whether the meridian-small intestine is blocked. It will be pessimistic and skeptical because of a lack of lung-meridian, aggressive and violent if his liver-meridian is disrupted. It is the organ that influences the psyche or vice versa? A reflection on the interplay between behavior and organ function, without forgetting that health depends largely on how each handles his body, his attitude and the ability to negotiate and integrate any experience at the cognitive level. It is essential to support the body optimizing the flow of vital currents that regulate cellular life. The metabolism is dependent on subtle biochemical balance that only the body can handle. Unlock the cause, go to the mountain of the problem, rather than compensate for the consequences, can solve many of the long-term morbidity and functional disorders, affecting other areas of the body, can become a source of imbalances over time and generate very complex disease. A disturbance does not occur in a few hours, it takes some time before a function loses its ability to self-regulation. Do not get sick by chance, it is our habits that prepare the ground favorable to the manifestation of a disease. Health to the men and women: the differences Speaking of health, we often forget that this capital belongs to a sexual body, that of a man or a woman, whose dynamic is not quite the same. The currents that feed a woman's body are in fact imbued with frequencies different from those of men, linked to a sex hormone secretion and energy flows in particular organs. The uterus, for example, is an organ with functions very different from those of the prostate, as well as the vagina, internal and concave, it has the same dynamic of the penis, and outer convex. For this reason Nutripuntura NUTRI specific uses for her or for him, capable of supporting the balance of sexuality and difficult periods such as adolescence or menopause. We have every right to health but the well-being is the result of preventative work to be done every day: at the table, primarily, but also by modulating their behavior and actions. Each of us has one body, a precious heritage, whose potential should be preserved with the best means to protect health. On site Gioiaberta.it find answers to frequently asked questions about Nutripuntura. The information contained herein are for the purposes of operating an information, are not related to either requirements or recommendations to physicians.
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Tooth Care at Home
According to dentists, the most important part of tooth care happens at home. brusing and flossing properly, along with regular dental check-ups, can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease . and if you're like most people, you don't exactly look forward to facing a dentist drill. So, woln't it be better to prevent cavities before they begin?  

Giving plaque the brush-Off
to prevent of cavities, you need to remove plaque, the transparent layer of bacteria that coats the teeth, by brusing your teeth twice a day. Brushing also stimulates the gums, which help to keep them healthy and prevent gum disease. Brushing-along with flossing- is the most important thing that you can do to keep your keep and teeth and gum healtly.
Did you know that the tootbrush was invented by the Chinese in 1,000 AD?
We now have lots of choices in toothbrushes, including different sizes, shapes, types of brisles, and colors. Your dentist will tell you which tootbrush is the right size and shape for you. Most often, howefer, dentists recommend a soft-bristled brush to minimize damage to teeth and gums.

What's in a tooth paste?
tooth pastes contains abrasives, detergents, and foaming agents. Fluoride,the most common active ingredient in toothpaste, is what prevents cavities. So you should alwasy be sure you toothpaste contains this ingredient.
About one in 10 people has a tendency to accumulate tartar (another word for quickly. using tooth pastes and mouthwashes, as well as spending extra time brusing the teet and the outside of the upper back teeth), may slow the development of new tartar.
If you have teeth that are sensitivie to heat ,cold, and pressure, you may want to try a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. But you'll still need to talk to your dentist about your sensitivity because it may indicate a more serious problem, such as a cavity or nerve in flammation(swelling).        

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Step by Step Process for Growing Hair

Step by Step Process for Growing Hair

           Having trouble growing your hair out anyway? If so, then try to improve your hair's condition quickly, and some simple suggestions to help it grow even faster.

If your hair is growing, you can be one of the most harmful substances, such as a hot Irons and blow dryers using heated hair appliances. Heat is your hair and split ends and breakages are the tools to undermine the cause. Only all natural ingredients, the words and the use of hair products is also important to eat properly, Father.

Healthy hair starts with healthy food. Having said that, if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables must be Father. If you want to drink plenty of water each day. Vitamins that promote hair growth, and carries you. When you are healthy inside, show your hair, skin and nails. You can slow down hair growth and hair loss is nothing to be heard about, but it just is not true. Here are some more tips to the speed of hair growth are:

- If you drink plenty of water each day. Water to keep you hydrated and flush away toxins in your system will

- Avoid fatty, fried and junk foods. The loss of your hair to prevent and suppress the immune system.

- Avoid your hair-pulling and tugging. This action will tend to tear as possible, that the stomach should be your main

- Per day with a good scalp massage to the scalp blood. Additional blood and nourishes the hair follicles on your scalp and allowed to grow faster than the long mane

- Help Braid the hair to grow stronger and faster.

- Have the hair every 4 to 6 weeks in shipshape.

- Be sure to get the vitamins biotin and prenatal pills do hair. Help is needed to prosper in the growing hair on your scalp hair to help provide multivitamins.

- Shampoo removes excess sebum from the hair to stop every 2 days.

- Avoid using heat on your hair. Heat your tresses to weaken and break down

- Eat healthy food containing protein, fruits and vegetables

If you follow this simple and fast growing hair, all you have made will

Discover Hair Grow Longer Hair Faster Growing your equipment to facilitate